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Other Tools and Accessories

We're pleased to offer Streamlight flashlights, the Qwik Freezer pipe freezing kit, test plugs from Lansas, detectable tape, marking flags, and other common tools.

STERLING NATURAL Hand Sanitizer & Sanitizing Spray

This unique sanitizer kills germs and viruses, including novel coronavirus in humans (Novel Coronavirus (strain OC43)), MRSA, and H1N1 in under 60 seconds SARO Science uses groundbreaking technology incorporating Silver Anti-Microbial Solutions (SAMS) in their formulations. SAMS is a proprietary preparation of silver and related metallic molecules, in a unique suspension, enabling local delivery of highly concentrated biologically active materials.

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Streamlight’s Litebox features a high intensity halogen bulb on a 90 degree swivel so you can get enough light on the subject wherever you are, and for up to 11 hours per battery charge.

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The Vulcan is small and portable but packs a big high intensity 8 watt halogen spotlight and over three hours continuous use per battery charge.

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The Qwik-Freezer pipe freezing kit takes away the necessity to shut down a water line in order to cut in new plumbing or perform maintenance. Special jackets surround the pipe and then are filled with solid carbon dioxide that’s so cold, the pipe freezes and forms an ice plug in one isolated spot in the line.

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Tracing Dyes

We stock Yellow/Green, Blue, and Red tracing dyes in tablet and liquid form for any water tracing or visual leak detection application. Our customers have been satisfied with the brightness and performance of these dyes for many years.

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Red-B-Gone Rust Remover

Red-B-Gone is the go-to complaint solver for rust discoloration in clothes, appliances, and many other surfaces. Line flushing, construction, or other conditions can sometimes lead to rusty colored water but Red-B-Gone helps municipalities and homeowners alike clean up the mess safely and easily.

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