Our Vision

To empower our customers to deliver and accurately measure safe, clean, high-quality water to every home and business in New England and New York

Ti-SALES is dedicated to having the fastest service and the most knowledgeable experts in the water and wastewater industry throughout all of New England and New York. Since 1963, we’ve worked with countless water utilities, contractors, consultants, and resellers to provide the highest quality products and solutions to meet their long-term needs.

Our Values

Famous for Fast Service

We’re dedicated to getting our products out, fast – in fact, almost all of our orders are shipped the same day we receive them. We’re committed to stocking high levels of inventory to anticipate our customers’ needs: if they need it, we’ve got it. And we’re dedicated to providing fast, expert technical support.

We Stand by Our Products

As experts in the waterworks industry, we carefully monitor market developments and innovations so that we can offer only the highest-quality, most reliable products and services.

How Can We Help?

Our customers come first, always. We are committed to finding and providing the very best solutions to our customers’ challenges. We’re proud of our high level of customer service and dedicated, talented support staff; we measure our success in our many longstanding (10+ year) customer relationships.

Ti-SALES’s service is the greatest. Order meters or parts today, they’re here tomorrow!

Pedro Grondin, City of Newport

Our History

Bert Tighe started Ti-SALES in 1963 selling waterworks supplies out of his basement with the help of his wife Edna and their three young sons. His vision was to give the best service in the water and wastewater industry in the Northeast, and to build a reputation so strong that it would be recognized by customers, suppliers, and even our competitors.

Today, we have 30 full-time employees, ten of whom are on the road constantly throughout New England and upstate New York. We service hundreds of water utilities, contractors, consultants, and resellers throughout our territory, all from our sole location in Sudbury. Meter reading and water infrastructure technology has changed a lot in the last 50 years, but Bert’s vision for our company still rings just as true and guides our ongoing commitment to faster, better, and smarter service.

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Industry Associations

Ti-SALES is deeply committed to the water & wastewater industry. That commitment is reflected in our level of involvement in local and regional industry associations, including serving on multiple Boards and Committees.

New England Water Works Association (NEWWA)

  • Tom Garrity, Director-at-Large, Board of Directors; Chair, Sponsor Services
  • Brian Duplessis, Young Professionals Committee
  • Louis Schoolcraft, Chair, IT Committee
  • Dave Harris, Past President
  • Louis Schoolcraft, Past Board of Directors
  • Dave Harris, A.E. Hodgson Distinguished Service Award
  • Louis Schoolcraft, A.E. Hodgson Distinguished Service Award

Massachusetts Water Works Association (MWWA)

  • Brian Duplessis, Sponsorship Committee
  • Joe Coulter, Co-Chair, Historic Committee; Member, Finance and Membership Committees
  • Joe Coulter, Past President
  • Joe Coulter, William H. McGinness Leadership Award
  • Ti-SALES, Sponsor of the Year, 2002

New York Section AWWA

  • Jason Matt, Program Committee
  • Jim Pierce, Past Chair & Vice Chair, MAC Committee
  • Marty Mazzella, Past Water for People Committee Chairman; Past Registration Committee

Central New York Water Works

  • Jim Pierce, Director

Plymouth County Water Works Association

  • Joe Coulter, Chair, Trade Show and Training Committees

Water & Sewer Distributors of America (WASDA)

  • Marty Mazzella, Board of Directors Member

Western Massachusetts Waters Works Association

  • Dana Patient, Director

Western New York Waterworks

  • Marcus Anten, Trustee

Additional Industry Associations