Ti-SALES’s service is the greatest. Order meters or parts today, they’re here tomorrow!
Pedro Grondin
City of Newport

Our Promise:

  • A timely response. Our municipal customers are often working under tight time constraints. We take our tagline – “Famous for Fast Service!” – very seriously!
  • Deep industry knowledge. We’re proud to employ some of the most knowledgeable experts in the water and wastewater industry.
  • We stand by our products. We’re highly selective about what products we offer: only the best solutions for our customers.
  • Here to help! We love working with our municipal customers, and we’re proud of our high level of service and support.

How We Help our Municipal Water & Wastewater Customers

Over 50% of municipal water departments in our region trust Ti-SALES and Neptune Technology Group to meet their metering needs – in other words, with their revenue stream! Our customers include some of the most populous cities and towns in New England and New York. In fact, nearly 60% of homes and businesses in our region use a Neptune water meter!


Meters and metering technology are the backbone of our business. Our company is technology-focused, always striving to help our customers build an infrastructure that will stand the test of time and support their current and future goals – including Smart City goals. We have flexible solutions for our customers, whether they’re looking to implement those goals now or simply want the option to do so in the next ten years or more.

That same focus on technology drives us to seek out the best cutting-edge technology solutions for our customers. We’re highly selective with the product lines we carry, working exclusively with top brands with excellent reputations for quality and highly reliable solutions. We work hand in hand with our supply partners to stay fully appraised of new and upcoming technology – and even to help develop new solutions to better suit our customers’ needs.

We take pride in our tagline: “Famous for Fast Service!” We work hard to make every part of our workflow quick and efficient and maintain a high level of inventory to be able to respond to our customers’ needs. The last thing our customers want to hear when they’re dealing with a crisis is that the critical part they need is on backorder! The majority of our orders ship the same day they are received for next-day delivery.

We’re passionate about providing a very high level of customer service and support that is personal to each one of our customers. Our turnover rate is a fraction of the industry average, which is critical to our mission of providing our customers with the most knowledgeable experts and uninterrupted, high-quality service. We measure our success in our many longstanding (10+ year) customer relationships.

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