Ti-SALES offers software tools and solutions to help you streamline your operations and meet your goals.

Our Offerings:
  • Our water metering data management platform, Neptune® 360™, gives you meaningful information for a Smart Water network. Go beyond basic meter reading and billing to give your utility essential tools and data for faster, more informed decisions.
  • The WaterSmart customer engagement and data analytics platform helps you reduce the cost to serve your customers, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction with powerful outbound communication solutions, automated self-service and water usage insights.
  • Properly managing your backflow testing program is essential to the safety of your customers’ water! VEPO CrossConnex will enable your water utility to achieve full compliance, eliminate all paperwork, and automate your management program.
How We Help:

Our software tools and solutions help you do more with less: streamline your operations, better serve your customers, and meet all of your Smart Water goals.

With Neptune® 360™, collect more accurate water metering data faster than ever before and quickly identify potential leaks, excessive consumption, and reverse flow. Neptune 360 delivers an intuitive and user-friendly design that provides clear, easy-to-interpret data helping maximize operational efficiencies, while empowering visibility across departments to act upon it with confidence. Lift your IT burden with a cloud-based solution that never requires server installations or upgrades on your part – log on anywhere, anytime from an internet browser or from your mobile device with the Neptune 360 Mobile application.

With WaterSmart, utility staff can access visually insightful analytics, reporting, and customer relationship tools through an easy-to-use interface. Utility end-users get peace-of-mind and control with leak alerts, My Use Notifications, and Bill Forecast Notifications; utility customers can access the Portal for more detailed analysis of their water use and a suite of self-service solutions.

And with VEPO CrossConnex, you can automate your entire backflow management program, eliminating all paperwork, file storage, and reporting. With complete record keeping, CrossConnex captures all account info and test results for every backflow device in your system – including tracking annual backflow device test dates and filing all necessary paperwork. Using the easy-to-use app on an iPhone or Android device, all pertinent backflow testing data is intuitively captured digitally by the tester, eliminating data entry errors and guaranteeing a complete test and report. No more paper, no more transcribing, no more guesswork.

An easy-to-use reporting system gives you a top-down view of all your accounts in an instant. And with powerful analytics, you can identify common areas of failure and even predict future failures. Save your department’s time and money while staying in full compliance with local regulations.

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We’re proud to offer our municipal customers a risk-free network management option for AMI networks: Network-as-a-Service (Ti-NaaS). With Ti-NaaS, we own and operate the AMI network, eliminating the need for your staff to monitor, maintain or repair the network. Ti-SALES assures network reliability, system performance, and all upkeep responsibilities, leaving your staff to the business of water.

We Offer:

We want to save you time, labor, and money with Ti-NaaS managed service:

  • Reduce time and effort to deploy
  • Optimize AMI network performance
  • Improve infrastructure reliability and security
  • Future proof deployment with Neptune’s R900® technology
  • Support AMI functionality with back-up mobile AMR meter reading
How We Help:

Today’s advanced metering systems require complex network design, ongoing support, inherent security, and increased head-end server computing and storage. Not every utility has the financial, technical, or human resources to implement such complex network and software systems.

With Ti-NaaS managed service, your utility won’t have to worry about design, installation, and ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) for the life of your AMI project.

The connected and purposeful utility of tomorrow will build on today’s Smart Water Networks and managed network service. Ti-NaaS can help you prepare to meet your future needs today.

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With Metering-as-a-Service (Ti-MaaS), our municipal customers can reap the benefits of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) without any of the risks – and without the upfront capital investment!

We Offer:
  • Delivery of all the equipment, network components, meters, software, and installation services to upgrade your existing system
  • Eliminate the need for upfront capital investment with a fully packaged solution
  • Rely on having a manageable, predictable budget with none of the risks associated with owning and operating an AMI system
  • Free up your utility personnel to concentrate on the business of water
How We Help:

Our Ti-MaaS solution is a robust solution for a municipality looking to move from an outdated metering system into AMI without the upfront capital investment, without the staff workload, and without the operational risks.

We supply all the equipment for a complete AMI deployment, including water meters, AMI end points, AMI network(s), meter data management & customer interface software, installation services, and complete project management. Once deployed, Ti-MaaS provides ongoing maintenance, and any needed repairs and replacements of network and software items. We take care of ongoing field operational costs (site leases, cellular backhaul, maintenance, etc). We provide 24x7x365 proactive network monitoring, alarms, and any needed updates and fixes. What’s more, our network’s best-in-class design ensures successful coverage and redundancy.

Partnering with accredited financial institutions, the Ti-MaaS solution is provided with complete tax-exempt financing for the term that is customized to fit the financial needs of the customer.

When you choose Ti-MaaS, you’re choosing a maintenance-free solution backed by Ti-SALES’s knowledge and expertise.  Take back your time and labor to focus on core water issues: we’ve got your metering handled.

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Large Meter Testing

Our large meter testing services are designed to help reduce non-revenue water and optimize utility revenue by identifying meter inaccuracies with a data-driven approach.

We Offer:
  • Professional accuracy testing of source and end-user meters
  • Qualified scheduling of testing with end-users
  • Expert repairs and maintenance of all types and sizes of water meters
  • Skilled and prompt replacement of underperforming or obsolete meters
  • Experienced and thorough creation of accurate data records for GIS engineering with cloud access
How We Help:

While large meters make up only 10-20% of a typical utility’s water meter inventory, they are responsible for measuring 60% or more of its water consumption; inaccurate large meters equate to lost revenue. Our team has extensive experience with meters and metering technology: we know just where to look to bring you the best possible returns on your metering asset investments.

Working as the sales representative of an independent third-party consultant, we work to evaluate, test, maintain, and optimize the performance of your most valuable metering assets. In addition to maximizing revenues, the program improves compliance with state requirements for meter testing and non-revenue water (NRW) percentages. With a large meter testing program, you can rest assured that your most valuable assets are working at optimum levels.

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