Our Promise:

  • Cutting-edge technology and solutions. The smart city movement is here, and our company focus on technology means we’re ready with smart water options.
  • Deep industry knowledge. With some of the most knowledgeable experts in the water and wastewater industry, our reliable, accurate advice and information abates risk for our customers.
  • Here to help! We’ve been providing solutions since 1963; our customers rely on our depth of experience to avoid the potential pitfalls of an unfamiliar solution.

How We Help our Engineering & Consultant Customers

The value we provide to our engineering and consultant customers starts before a project begins. We assist with evaluating end customer and utility needs and help select and specify the correct product or solution tailored their clients’ particular challenges. If our solution is selected, we work in partnership with our engineering and consultant customer to ensure that the client is fully satisfied. We support them throughout the implementation and for solution’s entire life cycle. Ti-SALES works diligently with engineers and consultants to ensure the end customer or utility obtains the results and outcome they need and want.

Our engineering and consultant customers benefit from the vast reach we have throughout New England and New York: we stay fully appraised of new technology and solutions (including those of our peers) as well as their unexpected complications. This deep subject matter expertise helps us to anticipate and avoid the pitfalls that often come with cutting-edge technology.

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Our customers come first, always. We are committed to finding and providing the very best solutions to your challenges. Please contact us to get a quote or to discuss your project!