Bert Tighe started Ti-SALES in 1963…

…selling waterworks supplies out of his basement with the help of his wife Edna and their three young sons. His vision was to give the best service in the water and wastewater industry in the Northeast, and to build a reputation so strong that it would be recognized by customers, suppliers, and even our competitors.

Today, we have 30 full-time employees, ten of whom are on the road constantly throughout New England and upstate New York. We service hundreds of water utilities, contractors, consultants, and resellers throughout our territory, all from our sole location in Sudbury. Meter reading and water infrastructure technology has changed a lot in the last 50 years, but Bert’s vision for our company still rings just as true and guides our ongoing commitment to faster, better, and smarter service.

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The 1960s

January 4, 1963

Bert received his first order from Al Stone of the Northboro, MA Water Department.

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January, 1963

The first letter Bert sent out in January 1963 to his potential customers.

We still strive to provide “quality products” and “dependable service” each and every day.

December 31, 1964

Bert’s young sons, Peter and Foss, in front of the original Ti-SALES sign: “Chemicals and Public Works Supplies.”

March 27, 1965

Moving day!

March 28, 1965

Kevin Tighe, behind the desk in 1965. Kevin went on to become President of Ti-SALES in the 1990s.

This room is now the break room.

October 10, 1965

The loading dock of the original Ti-SALES building. We have expanded multiple times over the years.

May 7, 1968

Cast iron fittings and boxes ready for our customers.

June, 1968

Bert with Ford Meter Box president Hank Leander in 1968.


Kevin Tighe installing our upgraded water service in 1969.

The 1970s


The loading dock in use. Ford Meter Box remains one of our primary product lines today.

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Foss Tighe, Bert’s youngest son, on Ti-SALES’s first forklift in 1976.

June, 1977

Ti-SALES hosts Open Houses every five years for customers to see our operation and meet our staff.

The 1980s


Ti-SALES visiting Neptune in Alabama in 1982.

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Ti-SALES has expanded our space multiple times over the years to better serve our customers.


The iconic “hole” in the dock wall shortly after it was poured in 1982.


Advertising our completed expansion in 1983.

June, 1986

Ti-SALES Open House in 1986, with vendor displays and product demonstrations.

July, 1988

Ti-SALES was featured as Associate Member of the Month in UCANE’s Construction Outlook Magazine in 1988.

The 1990s

Kevin and Don on booth duty.

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Bert and Hank Leander, former President of Ford Meter Box.

They had a lasting friendship that began in the 1960’s.

The 2000s

July, 2001

Ti-SALES Board of Directors meeting in 2001.

Future President and owner of Ti-SALES, Marty Mazzella to Bert’s right.

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Chuck DiLaura, President of Neptune, sharing a laugh with Bert Tighe.

The 2010s


Ti-SALES received the NEWWA Sponsor of the Year Award in 2012.

Accepting are Bert, Kevin and then-NEWWA President Dave Harris.

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June 20, 2012

Edna Tighe joined us for lunch with Neptune.


Kevin and Bert proudly displaying Ti-SALES stock of American AVK hydrants.

Kevin explaining how our custom-made Ford Meter Box test bench works.


Peter Tighe, Jack Doyle (former Ti-SALES Board member) and Kevin in 2013.



Bert Tighe enjoying an Open House with Neptune rep Dave Johnson and our customers.


Bert receives an achievement award from Jen Pederson of MWWA in 2013.


Kevin and Bert in 2013.


Don Ladd, former Vice President, at an Open House.


Jesse Hirons, our Director of Warehouse & Maintenance, enjoying the open house with colleagues and customers.


Long-time customer Rob Longo, Romana Longo of CTAWWA, and Ti-SALES Director of Accounting Janet Foley.

Joe Coulter making an announcement.

June 4, 2014

In 2014 we completed another expansion, doubling the size of our back warehouse.


Bert Tighe receiving recognition for 60 years of membership in the Massachusetts Water Works Association (MWWA).

Ti-SALES was the first company to have three
NEWWA Kenneth O. Hodgson Award Recipients.

  • Left: Bert Tighe, 1996
  • Top right: Louis Schoolcraft, 2009
  • Bottom right: Kevin Tighe, 2011

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We still love our open houses!

  • Top: 1980
  • Bottom: 2013

We’ve grown, but we still hold to the same values we were founded on.

  • Top left: 1973
  • Bottom left: 1998
  • Right: 2012

Remembering our founder, Bert Tighe (1924-2017), pictured here with wife Edna Tighe.