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Ti-SALES Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Blue-White Industries

Ti-SALES, Inc. announced today that it has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with Blue-White Industries, a leading manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, flow meters, and water treatment accessories. (Click for full article.)

Ti-SALES Announces New Large Meter Testing Program

Ti-SALES, Inc. announced today its new partnership with Hydro Utilities, LLC to provide large meter testing services to water utilities throughout New England and New York. The service is designed to optimize utility revenue by identifying meter inaccuracies with a data-driven approach. (Click for full article.)

Ti-SALES Receives Outstanding Leadership Skills Award From Massachusetts Legislative Manufacturing Caucus

Ti-SALES was honored Tuesday at the 5th Annual Manufacturing Awards Ceremony with an Outstanding Leadership Skills award from the Massachusetts Legislative Manufacturing Caucus. This awards ceremony honors local companies across the Commonwealth that stand out as leaders and innovators. Ti-SALES was nominated by Massachusetts Representative Carmine Gentile, who represents the 13th Middlesex district. (Click for full article.)



Peristaltic Pumps vs. Diaphragm: What’s the Best Choice?

Peristaltic and diaphragm pumps make up the majority of chemical feed pumps used by the water industry, primarily in water and wastewater treatment centers. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages compared to the other… (Click to read more.)


How Do Ultrasonic Water Meters Work?

Ultrasonic water meters are some of the most in-demand meters on the market, and for good reason: they’re highly accurate, low-maintenance, and easy to install. But how do they measure water flow without any moving parts? (Click to read more.)

To learn even more about ultrasonic technology check out this whitepaper by Neptune Technology: Navigating the Flood of Advanced Metering Technology


Safely Entering a Customer’s Home During COVID-19

While many non-essential businesses have closed due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the water industry is working as hard as ever to deliver safe, clean, high quality drinking water to individuals and businesses around the world. We’ve compiled a number of tips and best practices that our utility customers have been following to reduce the risk of infection. (Click for the PDF.)


Case Studies

Smart metering: How small water departments are using AMI to do more with less

When the Town of North Reading was due to replace its water meters in 2017, the utility was using a combination of probe and mobile meter reading for all 4,800 of their accounts. The Water Division was eager for a solution that would mean less time spent reading meters and better data to help homeowners understand their water bills. (Click for the PDF.)


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