Every drop counts.

Save money, shield against uncertainty, and get back to the critical business of water with our municipal water metering solutions.

  • Our highly accurate water metering systems mean more revenue flowing to your critical project.
  • Our systems are designed with future compatibility – they’ll work with your existing assets and adapt to unforeseeable changes in your needs or timeline.
  • Finally, we offer flexible metering systems tailored to your specific circumstances, creating an efficient, integrated solution that lets you do more with less.

A stronger revenue stream, minimal risk, and more staff resources. Imagine what you could accomplish.

We’ve had a great experience with Neptune’s meters. Any large-scale rollout has challenges; in our case, we had some unexpected scheduling glitches during our installation phase. Ti-SALES stepped right up with providing meters from their inventory when shipments were delayed, helping us cover those gaps and stay on target. Ti-SALES’s exceptional level of service was definitely a part of why we decided to stay with Neptune.
Mark Clark
Water Superintendent, Town of North Reading

Save Money by Reducing Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water (NRW) is on every municipality’s mind. When NRW decreases, revenues go up and the total cost of producing water goes down.

We’d love to help you with your NRW! We’ve found the following steps (in this order) achieve the best & most cost-effective results:

  1. Test your source meter(s).
  2. Test your large meters.
  3. Review your billing system.
  4. Everything else… THEN leak detection.

Learn more about how to reduce and control non-revenue water in our Learning Center.

Tailored Water Metering Solutions Adapt to Your Needs

No two situations are the same: two towns of the same size and in the same geographic region may be balancing completely different priorities and considerations. While the industry shares a common goal – providing safe, clean, high-quality water to every home and business in their area – there is no universal best solution for how to deliver and measure that water.

We offer tailored metering solutions that don’t just enable accurate, efficient billing: they give you the information you need, when you need it, to accomplish your goals while responding to your unique challenges. AMR, AMI, Smart Water – we pick and choose the exact components that work for you.

Visit our Learning Center for more information on how a tailored water metering solution can benefit you.

Managed AMI Services Free Up Staff to Do More

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems come with plenty of benefits: they save time spent reading meters, for one, and the robust usage data they provide improves customer service, reduces NRW, and aids conservation initiatives. However, not every utility has the financial, technical, or human resources to implement an AMI network.

In additional to traditional systems, we offer solutions that bring the benefits of AMI to any municipality:

  • Network-as-a-Service (NaaS): we handle all parts of network operation and maintenance, reducing your risk and starting costs as well as freeing up staff to focus on critical department needs.
  • Metering-as-a-Service (MaaS): we wrap up the entire system into a single solution package, eliminating upfront capital investment and giving you a manageable, predictable budget with low risk and low maintenance.
  • Flexible tech options: traditional radio frequency (RF) endpoints may not give you the coverage you need. No problem: we’ve got long-range wide-area-network (LoRaWAN) options as well as the only cellular endpoint offered on the AT&T FirstNet cellular network, the nationwide public safety broadband network for First Responders.

Learn more about how managed AMI services can save you time, labor, and money in our Learning Center.

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