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Let us help you out with all of your water treatment needs. We stock LMI chemical metering pumps and all the fittings, accessories, and repair kits you need to keep your system running and treated. We have knowledgeable staff in the office and on the road to help you get the right pump for the right job the first time.

Roytronic A Series

The Roytronic A series of LMI pumps operate at .25 to 2 gallons per hour at 50 to 250 psi and have manually adjustable speed and stroke length or external flow pacing from pulse or 4-20mA input.

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Roytronic Excel AD Series

The Roytronic Excel AD series runs at .21 to 2 gallons per hour and 50 to 250 psi with manually adjustable speed and stroke length or microprocessor controlled external pacing with pulse multiply, divide, batch, and 4-2mA input options.

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B Series

LMI B series chemical metering pumps operate at 1.6 to 7 gallons per hour at 30 to 150 psi. Internal control is a manually adjustable stroke length and speed and external flow pacing is available with microprocessor control choices of pulse multiply, divide, batch, or a 4-2mA input.

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C Series

LMI’s C pumps can output 1.3 to 25 gallons per hour at 30 to 300 psi. Just like the B series, these can be manually adjusted or externally controlled with pulse multiply, divide, batch, and 4-20mA inputs.

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Liquid Ends

The liquid end includes all replaceable parts for the chemical handling portion of an LMI pump, from diaphragm to 4-function valve, suction and discharge valves and fittings and everything in between. See these product sheets for detailed parts breakdowns and call us with any questions.

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Tanks and Saturators

LMI offers chemical storage tanks in 10, 35, and 50 gallon sizes. All are UV resistant and include a recess for mounting an LMI metering pump. Their fluoride saturator provides an easily maintained and controlled source of fluoride solution with this convenient and economical all in one tank, cover, and distributor assembly.

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Corporations and Tubing Connections

LMI has simplified their tubing connection system to allow for smaller inventories of valves and fittings. Connecting to 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ tubing simply means having a standard coupling nut and an appropriately sized tubing ferrule. LMI also makes injection corporation stop nozzle assemblies for 3/4″ or 1″ male pipe thread or 1″ AWWA/CC thread taps, which make for easy servicing and removal of the injection check valve without shutting down the line.

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By-Pass Feeder

Neptune By-Pass Feeders are best suited for introducing chemical treatment to closed-loop water systems such as heating and air conditioning systems. Their filter feeders add filtering to the process, foregoing the need for a separate filtering system.

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Glycol Feeder

Introducing glycol into a closed loop cold or hot water system has never been easier than with Neptune’s Glycol Feeders. Pressure set points and an alarm keep the right amount of glycol flowing around the clock.

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Portable Mixer

For easy small batch mixing Neptune’s BN series direct drive portable mixers are easy to mount, easy to use, and are readily available.

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Flomotion Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps use positive displacement in the form of rotors compressing a section of flexible tubing and forcing liquid through the tube. This design allows for easier pumping of viscous or aggressive fluids, the pump stays primed more easily than diaphragm-type pumps, and maintenance is much easier as there are no valves or seals to regularly replace.

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