A full-stack hardware, software, and service solution

The Wavelet remote monitoring device collects data from virtually any device, anywhere. Pinpoint an issue before it becomes a problem.

Every utility has assets they need to monitor regularly: water system pressure monitors; the levels in sewer manholes, water reservoir tanks, and groundwater; and combined sewer overflow levels, are among the most common. When those assets are located in remote rural areas or are otherwise hard to access, the time (and risks) add up.

Remote monitoring technology can make all of this easier and bring the data right to your devices.

When pressure drops, we need to act immediately to isolate and locate the leak. The quicker we find the leak, the less damage is done to pipes. This usually lets us patch the pipe instead of beginning a costly pipe replacement. The Ayyeka solution pinpoints where the pressure problem is, leaving a much smaller area to search for the leak. This also leaves less residents without water while we fix the pipe.
Clayton Johnson, PE
Erie County Water Authority

Anticipate problems before they disrupt service

In addition to the time savings, remote monitoring can help utilities anticipate and avoid complications and crises:

  • Water System Pressure: Tracking water pressure over time can allow a utility to identify drops in pressure that may indicate leaks or breaks – or high pressure buildups that can warn of potential system damage or an upcoming break.
  • Sewer Manhole Levels: Looking at sewer manhole levels during a storm event can help a utility locate a potential blockage to be removed.
  • Reservoir and Groundwater Tanks: Rapid changes in these levels can indicate a breakage to be immediately addressed.
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO): During times of heavy rain overwhelming a combined sewer system, a utility can take proactive measures to avoid an overflow event – as well as the fines from those events!

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