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Reading and Collecting Data

Water meters aren't just for water departments to read. Many situations and applications call for meter reads for industrial or commercial batch processing or for sub-metering a specific portion of a larger meter's water. We can help with several options for these and other applications, which sometimes even allow for the meter to stay connected to the water department's remote. Give us a call if you have specific questions.


The EtherMeter uses Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) signals from encoder type meter registers to produce flow and totalization signals translated into industrial protocols like MOBUS and DF1.

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Read Filters

The Radio Read Filter from SCADAMetrics allows two SCADA systems or a SCADA system and a utility’s AMR system to read totalization and flow information from a single meter.

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DR3 Visual Remote

The DR3 is our visual remote of choice for any application that requires a remote digital display of your meter reading. These remotes are fully compatible with our Neptune meters and are potted for safe use indoors or out. The DR3 comes with a five year warranty and is simple to install and operate.

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