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CULTEC Stormwater Chambers

We always stock CULTEC's larger Recharger storm chambers and Feed Connectors, pipe, and whatever else you need to get it done.

CULTEC Recharger 150XLHD Storm Chamber

The Recharger 150XLHD is CULTEC’s smallest and lowest profile storm chamber and it features side portals for creating an internal manifold with the HVLV FC-24 feed connectors.

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CULTEC Recharger 280HD Storm Chamber

The Recharger 280HD is a medium sized chamber and comes in stand alone, starter, middle, and end units. The 280HD also has side ports for internal manifold. Call us today to determine which chamber system is right for you.

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CULTEC Recharger 330XLHD Storm Chamber

CULTEC’s Recharger 330XLHD is a large capacity, tall chamber and is best when a large capacity is required with fewer chambers – in small installation areas, for example. The Recharger 330XLHD also accepts the FC-24 feed connector for creating an internal manifold.

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CULTEC HVLV FC-24 Feed Connector

HVLV FC-24 Feed Connectors are used to create an internal manifold in the Recharger 150XLHD, 280HD, and 330XLHD storm chambers. Each Feed Connector has a greater flow capacity than 12″ pipe.

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