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CULTEC Septic Chambers

CULTEC's Contactor septic chambers are light, easy to connect and assemble, take up a smaller footprint than traditional systems while maximizing infiltration, and are built to last. Call today to find out which chamber is right for your next septic system.

Contactor Field Drain C-4

CULTEC’s Contactor Field Drain C-4 is their lowest profile chamber with largest infiltrative bottom area and is useful when depth restrictions are a consideration.

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Contactor 100 Standard Duty

The Contactor 100 Standard Duty septic chamber is also used when depth restriction is a factor. Made of structural foam, these easy to manipulate chambers come as starter or middle/end pieces and we stock plenty of both.

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Contactor 100HD

CULTEC’s overlapping rib connection system makes installation much easier, the open bottoms of these chambers promote maximum infiltration, and the units are lightweight and simple to work with. The Contactor 100HD is another low profile chamber that is rated to take traffic loads when installed according to recommendations.

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Contactor EZ-24

The EZ-24 septic chamber is a small capacity, low profile chamber that can wind around structures or obstacles and maximize available space when space really isn’t available.

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