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Water Treatment and Measurement

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In addition to Scaletron scales and Carus treatment chemicals, we stock Red-B-Gone solution for rust discoloration treatment, as well as reagent chemicals and water testing kits from LaMotte, Bright Dye liquid and tablets and Leak Detector toilet packs for homeowner leak detection.

CARUS Corrosion Inhibitor and Sequesterant Chemical Treatments

CARUS offers a full line of water system phosphate treatments to control corrosion of old piping and minimize rust and other mineral discoloration.

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Gas Cabinet Scales

Scaletron’s local distributor, TI-Sales, Inc. met with the customer to evaluate the plans for the new fire suppression system and determine their requirements. After careful analysis, they recommended Scaletron’s 2308™ Gas Cabinet Scale as an excellent solution to handle the weighing of the gas cylinders in a critical, safety-related application such as fire protection.

Plans for the new 58 story Bank of America Tower in downtown Manhattan included a 4.6-megawatt co-generation plant, which was designed to provide part of the base-load energy requirements for this environmentally friendly skyscraper. The customer was looking for a way to increase safety and easily monitor the contents in gas cylinders as part of a carbon dioxide fire suppression system being installed in the co-generation plant. The customer wanted to monitor the contents of five (5) CO2 cylinders simultaneously. They needed to display gross weight remaining for each cylinder and wanted to have a simple way to view the weight of each cylinder at a local display.

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