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The supply house that knows
how to help since 1963

Bert Tighe started Ti-SALES in 1963 selling waterworks supplies out of his basement with the help of his wife Edna and their three young sons. Today we have 30 full-time employees, ten of whom are on the road constantly throughout New England and upstate New York. We service hundreds of water utilities, contractors, consultants, and resellers throughout our territory, all from our sole location in Sudbury. Meter reading and water infrastructure technology has changed a lot in the last 50 years, but Bert’s vision for our company still rings just as true and guides our ongoing commitment to faster, better, and smarter service.

Ti-SALES aims to have a reputation for giving the best service in the water and wastewater industry from Madawaska, ME to Bridgeport, CT and from Provincetown, MA to Buffalo, NY. Our reputation will be recognized by customers, suppliers and even competitors. We try to give faster service than customers expect. With persistence, we will pursue water and sewer utilities, water companies, contractors, resellers, developers, and consulting engineers to establish ongoing relationships that will enable us to be a continuously profitable enterprise.