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In the late 19th century Edwin Ford, founder of The Ford Meter Box Company, first used outdoor meter pits to meter Hartford City, IN. Meter pits are installed with the base below the frost line so heat convection keeps the meter and line from freezing, even through the coldest Northeast winters. An outdoor meter pit offers a utility security, reading access, and maintenance benefits over an indoor basement setting, and can get your metering job done for buildings without basements or easy indoor accessibility.
We stock prebuilt complete meter pits for meters up to 2”, with a variety of cover options including iron or plastic covers, lockable lids, and covers designed for use with electronic reading remotes.
We can also help with the products you’ll need for larger meter settings in even the most cramped meter vault. Please see the Meter Vaults section in Water Infrastructure.

Meter Pits

Since the late 1800s outdoor meter pits have been a desired alternative for many meter readers and water departments. Pits circumvent the need to enter the customer’s dwelling to take readings and keep the water meter easily accessible to the water department year-round. In colder climates like ours it’s especially important to install a properly designed meter pit. The pit must extend below the frost line to allow heat convection from the warmer soil to circulate and keep the meter and piping from freezing in the winter. At Ti-SALES we’ve got the know-how and the supplies to help you with a meter pit that’s easy to install and will do the job right the first time.

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1-1/2″ – 2″ Pit Covers

Ford Meter Box Monitor Covers are designed for use on pits sized for 1-1/2″ – 2″ water meters. They consist of a large flange, a circular ring, a locking top lid, and in our colder climate, a second inner lid for added frost protection. Most Ford pit covers, including the Monitor, have the option of a pre-drilled lid to house an electronic meter reading touchpad.

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Pit Accessories

These accessories are for smaller 5/8″ – 2″ meter pits, but we’ve got you covered for larger meter vaults as well. Check out the Meter Vault section under Water Infrastructure.

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