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Meter Couplings, Flanges, and Adapters

Whatever the meter size or connecting material, we've got the right threaded, flanged, or compression coupling to do the job right, Connecting meters to iron, copper or plastic service lines, old or new, is expedited with Ford Pack Joint meter couplings, and downsizing meters was never easier with Ford meter adapters.

Straight Meter Couplings

Water meter connections come standard with a meter swivel nut on one end and male iron pipe thread on the other end, though other connections are available. The swivel nut allows for easy removal of the meter later on for maintenance or replacement without the need for pipe cutting or installing any new plumbing fixtures. Also known as tailpieces, meter couplings are made to fit meters from 5/8″ up to 2″, though 1-1/2″ and 2″ meters are usually flanged.

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Angle Meter Couplings

Often times water lines don’t provide enough space to cut in a meter, or the line has turns to avoid obstructions, or it’s simply desired that the meter be slightly raised or offset from the line. Angled meter connections afford the same benefits of straight connections, but include a 90 degree bend as well for times when such is necessary.

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Meter Adapters

It is common practice, especially in residential and small commercial applications, to install a meter with a measuring element sized one or two sizes smaller than the water line it will be measuring. This is because a downsized meter can often more accurately measure the low flow rates in the line. However, the meter is not always sized correctly and a utility or property owner may wish to replace the larger meter with a smaller, more accurate one. We offer a wide range of adapters for 5/8″ – 2″ meter installations that allow a smaller meter to be installed in the same footprint as the larger one without pipe cutting or other costly plumbing. Call us if you have any questions about the sizing of your water meter, and if a change is desirable, we’ve got the fittings to help.

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When a meter needs to be removed from an active line for maintenance or repair or when a meter is no longer needed, an appropriately sized idler or spacer will save the cost of extra plumbing and fittings to keep the water flowing.

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