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Inside Meter Settings and Valves

Ford inside settings meet water meter installation requirements with three basic design applications. New installations, existing service line installations and settings for special applications. All Ford Inside Meter Setting Devices, while adding a small initial cost to meter installation, provide long-term cost saving advantages. Coppersetters are available with connections for a wide range of types and sizes of pipe and tubing. Both Coppersetters and Resetters can be tailored to special conditions. We stock many different configurations to fill most orders for the most common situations.
We stock a full range of no lead brass products including ball valves and check valves with integral meter nuts, both angle and straight.

Service Line Cascading Check Valves

Backflow prevention and back siphonage protection are widely mandated in many water service installations, whether they be commerical, industrial, or residential, and check valves can help keep wastewater from backing up into your home or business, contaminating your water, or damaging your water meter or other property. When an approved backflow prevention device is not required, single check cascading check valves offer economical but reliable single check protection just downstream of the water meter. Single cascading check valves come straight or angled with inlet meter swivel nut connections for easy installation and access. The check is in-line accessible and can be maintained without removing the valve from the line. Check repair kits are also available.

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Service Line Cascading Dual Check Valves

These days most water service providers specify a dual check valve for extra protection against any backflow event. A second check provides added security in case the first check fails and two checks provide a stronger deterrent in the case of a powerful backflow situation. These checks come straight or angled with a meter connection inlet and are all in-line accessible for easy maintenance. Repair kits for the checks are readily available and in stock.

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Kornerhorns take many of the headaches out of inside meter installations and are often the go-to installation fixture for large meter changeout jobs or for municipal meter shop stock. The compression adapters on both ends allow for an easy meter installation regardless of the piping materials of the existing plumbing. Kornerhorns offer a horizontal meter installation in a vertical water line and can fit easily into corners of basements or other cramped spaces.

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Basement Resetters

Basement resetters are used to convert a vertical indoor meter setting to the preferred horizontal position. Installing a water meter vertically can lead to the meter parts wearing out prematurely and to inaccurate readings. The vertical inlet and outlet are meter thread and spaced just like the meter being reset.

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