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AMR/AMI Data Collectors

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Neptune offers a variety of ways to collect meter reading data—Trimble Nomad handheld computers; MRX920 drive-by units; and two fixed network collectors: the R900 Gateway & R450 Data Collector Unit. Whatever the size of the system, we have the experience and expertise to help water utilities determine the best AMR solution for all their present and future needs.

MRX920 Drive-By

The MRX920 mobile drive-by data collector offers the most advanced mobile meter reading solution. Powerful sensitivity coupled with configurable mapping software make meter reading a breeze. Call today for details.

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R900 Belt Clip Transceiver

Neptune’s latest walk-by data collector, the R900 Belt Clip Transceiver, provides the most advanced feature set of any walk-by product on the market.

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R900 Gateway

The R900 Gateway is a powerful data collector that bridges the gap between mobile AMR and fixed network AMI, by collecting and transmitting reads from existing mobile R900 meter interface units.

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Trimble Ranger 3XE

Neptune’s Trimble Ranger handheld can be used on its own for walk-by RF data collection or it can be paired with the Belt Clip Transceiver for added data logging, leak detection, and other AMI functionality.

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Neptune has developed an app for Android and Apple phone/tablet called NGO. This app works with a Belt Clip Transceiver to easily collect reading data from E-Coders right to your phone for on demand analysis or data presentation to the customer.

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CE5320 Handheld

The CE handheld has been a staple for reliable mobile meter reading for many years. Although Neptune is no longer producing this series of handheld, we support hundreds of units currently in service in the field and we keep a number of loaner units ready to fill a gap if yours goes down for repair.

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R450 Data Collector

The backbone of Neptune’s R450 Fixed Network AMI System, the R450 Data Collector not only provides frequent, timely reads directly to your office PC, but also offers two-way communications, allowing for on demand usage and profiling data retrieval as well as reverse flow and leak detection alarms.

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R450 Mini Data Collector

Offering all of the same features as the full-sized Data Collector, the size and solar power capability of Neptune’s Mini-Collector allows for flexible deployment to augment and extend your fixed network wherever it’s needed.

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Advantage II Probe

For endpoints not yet converted to mobile or fixed network RF, the Advantage II Probe provides instant visual reads of touchpads and ARB boxes and transmits those reads to other handheld reading devices.

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Pocket ProReader

The most economical of Neptune’s data collection devices, the Pocket ProReader is perfect for municipal reading of those endpoints not yet converted to RF, or as the reading tool for any small, private submetering system.

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