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Kevin Richard

Inside Sales & Bids

I have a few roles here at Ti-Sales.  They include Inside Sales and Bid Specialist.   I look forward to bid requests as crunching numbers is something I enjoy doing; as well as helping our team exceed our customer’s expectations on every order.  I have been working within the realm of inside sales for many years now.  Some of my prior experiences range from mortgage origination/underwriting, to working for a flexographic printer.


Over the years I have been active in several sports from basketball, soccer and baseball.  Baseball is by far my favorite sport.  It has been my passion since I was very young.  Since I became a father 13 and 9 years ago to the most wonderful girls, my love for sports has changed.  I am now very proud to say that I am a proud dance dad.  As much as I would love my girls to play baseball like I did, I am never happier than watching my beautiful girls dance.