Sudbury, MA 800.225.4616

Dana Patient

Territory Manager - Western MA, Western CT, and Southeastern NY

I truly thank you all for the opportunity to make your job easier. Ti-SALES is a team effort that is unmatched, and you, our customers, are a wonderful part of that team.

I look forward to each and every day because my customers are wonderful people. For this reason I strive to be available 24/7. That’s right, nights, weekends and even my occasional day off (unless the pond or tree-stand doesn’t have cellular service).

A little bit about me that you may not know: I’m losing my hair and have a wonderful wife (Heidi) and son (Ethan). I enjoy sports cars, motorcycles, fishing, hunting, skiing, camping, and knocking out my honey-do-list to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Now and then, I’ve also been known to play a little music.