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Meter Reading Software & Apps

Neptune Technology Group is constantly enhancing existing and developing new software to add depth and analysis to all that reading data the AMR or AMI infrastructure is gathering. Robust reporting options, and easy to navigate interface, and Ti-SALES' industry-leading support make Neptune software solutions a no-brainer for discerning water utilities.

N_SIGHT Plus for Fixed

For the R900 Gateway and R450 fixed network N_Sight Plus software monitors all network activity and presents it in easy to understand graphics. Additionally, customer service screens give easy access to individual customer reading data based on monthly, daily and hourly reads. This enables customer service staff to quickly respond to customers’ concerns and email reading data in tabular or graphic format. There are a number of standard reports provided which help optimize network performance and simplify customer support. Neptune has also developed N_SIGHT IQ, a cloud-based platform for high level analysis and reporting of AMI data.

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N_SIGHT for Mobile

N_Sight is Neptune’s software offering for all their mobile and handheld products. This software incorporates manually entered, probed, or RF acquired reading data collected from handhelds or mobile data collectors. In addition, fixed position data collectors can be added to the mix as an R900 system is migrated to fixed network. The software comes with a variety of standard reports as well as custom report options, which enable system operators to gain valuable information from the reading data. N_Sight is user friendly with intuitive screens which simplify the learning process for customer service and billing staff.

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SEER or Neptune’s Statistical Evaluation for Enhancement of Revenue software analyzes large meter accuracy for useful survey of which meters are performing well and which are causing lost revenue due to inaccuracy and should be replaced.

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Neptune has developed an app for Android and Apple phone/tablet called NGO. This app works with a Belt Clip Transceiver to easily collect reading data from E-Coders right to your phone for on demand analysis or data presentation to the customer.

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