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Meter Reading Software & Apps

Neptune Technology Group is constantly enhancing existing and developing new software to add depth and analysis to all that reading data the AMR or AMI infrastructure is gathering. Robust reporting options, and easy to navigate interface, and Ti-SALES' industry-leading support make Neptune software solutions a no-brainer for discerning water utilities.

Neptune 360

Neptune’s new software-as-a-service (SaaS) meter reading software lets you confidently manage, share, and secure your utility data with meaningful information for a smart water network. Go beyond basic meter reading and billing to give your utility essential tools and data for faster, more informed decisions. The Neptune® 360™ data management platform is designed for the needs of water utilities.

Collect more accurate water metering data faster than ever before and quickly identify potential leaks, excessive consumption, and reverse flow. Neptune 360 delivers an intuitive and user-friendly design that provides clear, easy-to-interpret data helping maximize operational efficiencies, while empowering visibility across departments to act upon it with confidence.

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SEER or Neptune’s Statistical Evaluation for Enhancement of Revenue software analyzes large meter accuracy for useful survey of which meters are performing well and which are causing lost revenue due to inaccuracy and should be replaced.

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Neptune has developed an app for Android and Apple phone/tablet called NGO. This app works with a Belt Clip Transceiver to easily collect reading data from E-Coders right to your phone for on demand analysis or data presentation to the customer.

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