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From ProRead, to ProCoder, to E-Coders, to E-Coder R900i registers, Neptune has the accurate, reliable, tried and tested solution for your meter reading application. Regardless of the meter’s size and shape, its the register that records the water used, then translates and broadcasts that information as usable data. Neptune registers have shown unparalleled performance for decades.

E-Coder ) R900i Register

The E-Coder R900i integrates Neptune’s powerful R900 radio transmitter directly onto an E-Coder register for quick and convenient remote reading transmission and even easier installation.

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E-Coder ) R450i Register

The E-Coder R450i register combines the data crunching power of the E-Coder with Neptune’s fixed network R450 MIU for the perfect AMI solution.

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In 2003 Neptune introduced the E-Coder, a fully electronic absolute encoder with digital display and enhanced data capabilities, such as a leak detection mode, and the ability to store a month’s worth of readings.

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The ProCoder offers all the basic functionality of the ProRead with a high resolution 8-wheel mechanical odometer and a high-resolution sweep hand. This register includes leak, tamper and reverse flow detection. With ProCoder’s accuracy and reliability, it forms a solid foundation on which to build and expand an AMR or AMI system.

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The ProRead absolute encoder register has been around since 1991 and continues to offer accurate and reliable readings, translating the analog rotation of the meter dial to a digital signal for fast and true remote read.

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