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AMR/AMI Endpoints

Ti-SALES has sold over 1 million radio endpoints and we’ve seen time and again how they’ve proven to have outstanding performance and reliability. R900 meter interface units (MIUs) are radio transmitters which can be read in walk-by, drive-by or fixed network environments. The R900i integrates the radio inside the E-Coder digital register, eliminating the need for any wiring and simplifying installation. The R900i also features 8-digit resolution, leak, tamper, and backflow monitoring, plus hourly data logging for 96 days. R900 and R900i MIU installations can be quickly verified on-site to ensure functionality and correct installation.

The R450 meter interface unit operates exclusively as a two-way fixed network and has a high power one watt transmitter. As a two-way system R450 MIUs can be remotely programmed without a field visit. Each MIU calls in daily with a synchronized midnight reading and hourly consumption for the previous 24 hours. The R450 fixed network provides the installer with an on-site confirmation message in less than a minute, confirming signal strength and wiring and register integrity.


The R900 radio meter interface unit has been the backbone of Neptune’s mobile AMR platform for many years and Ti-SALES has sold and supported hundreds of thousands of these units across New England and upstate New York. The R900 continues to be the most reliable RF MIU in the industry.

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E-Coder ) R900i MIU

Neptune’s R900i Integrated E-Coder register combines an easy installation with the added benefits of E-Coder reading technology to provide maximum data access and visibility with the reliability of Neptune’s R900 RF MIU.

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Neptune’s R450 RF meter interface unit is a high-power, two-way RF endpoint designed for Neptune’s R450 fixed network meter reading system.

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E-Coder ) R450i MIU

The R450i register combines Neptune’s R450 fixed network RF MIU with their E-Coder solid state encoder to allow more convenient installs and more data collection and usage visibility within your fixed base system.

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