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Metering Systems

Neptune offers several metering accessory items for use and data analysis cases that go beyond simple endpoint meter reading. When batching or detailed flow analysis are needed, these devices can be easily integrated with any Neptune meter.


For electronic pulse output with 4-20mA analog output or high frequency pulse the TRICON/E transmitter may be installed below the Neptune meter register without service interruption or utility automatic meter reading disruption.

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For calibrated digital pulse output, the TRICON/S register and pulse transmitter may be easily installed on any Neptune meter without interruption of service.

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FLOSEARCH Transmitter

The Flosearch Transmitter is a one-size-fits-all solution to transmit a dry contact switch closure from any existing Neptune meter without needing to replace the register head. Output can be tied into most SCADA, PLC, and building management systems.

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The Tricon SmartTrol monitors flow rate, totalizing and batching. Two inputs accept digital or switch closure pulses which can be used to provide a two-stage relay output for valve control for chemical mixing or other similar applications.

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